10 Amazing Uses Of Scanning Electron Microscope

Be it any crime, the forensic department has a very important role to play in today’s time. So this field carries much importance which is also making the utilization of used SEM scanning electron microscope a very crucial part. This product carries the capability of evaluating detail on a broad array of materials in a straightforward manner. This includes high as well as low magnification along with a unique focus depth. All this is making SEM a compulsory tool these days. It also the ability to evaluate the elemental composition of the tiniest attributes on specimens. By this creating conclusive identification of the source of few materials is possible. This again leads to the evidence chain.

The scanning electron microscope uses

Some of the best SEMs electron microscope applications are as follows:

  • Bullet comparison – When bullet firing takes place from a similar weapon, it can carry discrete markings that are linked to the gun’s barrel shape. The same can also be concluded by matching the attribute markings on the bullet. The firing pin can also make the same kind of markings on the bullets’ cartridge case thereby enabling another way of linking a bullet to a specific gun. But optical microscopy always poses an absence of the capability of revealing fine detail that is usually perceivable at higher magnifications. The focus depth is also necessary here for displaying it clearly. This is the correct space where you need to find the most high-quality used SEM scanning electron microscope. The features of this product that delivers amazing benefits in the comparison of bullet markings are:

It is possible to cut pictures and even portions of the pictures for pasting onto one another. Alignment is also possible that helps in aiding the matching procedure.

The utilization of a backscatter electron detector enables the improvement of the divergence of markings. At the same time, suppressing useless information like dust contamination is also possible.

  • Investigation of gunshot residue – This type of analysis is followed by the collection of specimens by utilizing double-sided adhesive tape and shifted to an SEM electron microscope specimen stub. Automatic detection of the particles is possible because of the high contrast along with stub background with the utilization of a detector for the backscattered electrons. As soon as the detection of a particle takes place, the electron beam moves back to the particle for the analysis of X-Ray for checking the predetermined elements. If there is a positive identification, each particle’s position is stored for verifying later on. Usually, these automated routines are performed by employing an EDS system that is linked to SEM. If you want successful automation every single time, the EDS system should have the capacity of remote controlling the SEM. This is especially important for the electron stage and beam with long-standing stability, precision and pace. The high accuracy stages are developed to a high accuracy level. Any user can then easily move back to the formerly detected particles for additional verification and evaluation.
  • Evaluation of non-conducting materials – If you talk about traditional electron microscopy, there are some drawbacks. This includes the demand of the specimens to the conductive. The materials that are non-conducting will require coating with a conducting material like carbon or gold. But when it comes to coating, it is not very desirable in the realm of forensic examination as it is extremely crucial that evidence remains unaltered. But if you are using an SEM electron microscope, the scenario is very much different as then you will be using the EP or VP mode. Such attributes enable users in adjusting the chamber pressure to that level that helps in preventing the sample from charging. This mainly happens as the dissipation of the charge takes place along with the atmosphere of the chamber itself. Even when it comes to non-conducting specimens like textile tissue, plants, paper, hair or paint, these can be evaluated at low kV. It is also possible to investigate with the utilization of EDS and you will not even feel the requirement for specimen preparation. This helps in sample preservation in a very natural state. It is also very similar for the specimens that are porous or moist like bone or concrete. EDS analysis and SE imaging clearly display the difference that lies between an insulator and a diamond and its artificial substitute moissanite that is a semiconductor.


It is clear from the fact that SEM scanning electron microscope is the most vital tool in solving several kinds of criminal or police cases. Hence the departments concerned, need to get only high-quality products for solving every case seamlessly. They can also opt for microscope repair near me service in case they find difficulty in using the microscopes. These services are readily available these days at cost-effective prices. Choosing the best brand is important for purchasing these products that take up a very vital role in today’s world.