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What Are the Most Common Hairpieces for Men?

Male and female hair loss and baldness are more prevalent than you might think. Did you know that between the ages of 35, 60, and 80, 40% of men suffer visible hair loss? It is a lot, isn’t it?

The majority of men don’t feel comfortable with this problem. According to surveys, 60% of those who experience hair loss prefer hair to money or friends.

The good news is that New Times Hair has excellent, well-considered remedies for hair issues if you are one of the men who experience hair loss.

You could regain your confidence and attractiveness by using a hair system that works for you. Pre-made and custom hair systems are available from the world’s top hairpiece manufacturers.

Custom Hair System

Men’s custom hair systems come in two sizes: full-head wigs and hair toppers.

Wigs and custom hairpieces are made in roughly six weeks. Both a pattern and a sample of your hair are required. Once we know everything about them, including the hair’s color, density, and wave, we can quickly purchase more whenever we need one.

Full Head Hair System

To make a full-head wig that fits a man perfect, we need to start with a good template that shows the proper shape of the head, hairline, and sideburns.

The most popular options for base materials are:

Or a combination of the three!

You must choose in addition to the base material:

What materials to use will depend on the hair density. Generally speaking, the material needs to be more robust because the hair is denser. French lace, for instance, can be used consistently for densities from extra-light to medium. However, for densities ranging from Medium/Heavy to Extra Heavy, a more robust Fine Mono and Glass Silk should be used.

Top of the Head Hair System

To make the best men’s top-of-head hair system, New Times Hair could start by copying your current hairpiece or could start from scratch with a well-made template and an exact hair sample.

Three different base materials are used to build your hairpiece, despite all the crazy names the hair studios come up with.

Your best choice for a hairpiece base will depend on your desired durability, hair density, and attachment method. Generally, the denser the hair, the more durable the material needs to be.

All three base materials could be chosen for densities ranging from Extra Light to Medium. However, for densities like Medium/Heavy – Extra Heavy, a more durable Fine Mono with a Glass Silk perimeter should be used.

Pre-made Hair Systems

These stock hairpieces come in all standard basic sizes and base materials. These range in size from 7″ x 9″ to 8″ x 10″. The more popular size is, the larger one.

It is beneficial and straightforward to use and may be reduced in size if necessary. Men’s stock hairpieces can be ordered online and delivered within 7 days. They come in various base materials, hues, densities, and gray percentages.

The three primary base materials are:

These are also “stock” hairpieces in all standard sizes and materials. These are 7″ x 9″ and 8″ x 10″ in size. The larger size is, the more common one.

It is convenient, easy to use, and maybe shrunk in size. Online orders for men’s stock hairpieces will arrive within 7 days. They are available in a range of base materials, colors, densities, and levels of gray.


New Times Hair can help you make the correct choice and feel comfortable. They have an exceptional line available for you to describe the exact problems you’re experiencing and order any type of hair system that could fit your needs. Click the link to find the best wholesale toupees from New Times Hair:

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