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What are Some Common UX Design Errors That Every App Project Should Avoid?

The importance of UX design through the lens of data:

Now you want to hire UX designers. However, read this article before you do. Why? You must know what are the common UX design errors to avoid.

Know the errors and you’ll be better equipped to analyze if the UX designer you hired is doing a good job. If you’re a UX designer, you’ll know which mistakes to avoid.

In the next five minutes, learn the 8 common UX design errors app projects should avoid.

8 Common UX Design Errors App Projects Should Avoid

1. Complex User Interface

Online users have too much on their plates. They’re listening to music on an online app. Ordering food from another. Browsing through your website. All at the same time.

Thus, if you’re asking what mistakes should you avoid in mobile app design, a complex user interface is one of them. Opt for a simple and minimalistic user interface instead.

Here’s why you should:

Three apps that offer a minimalistic user interface are:

2. No Responsive Design

62.06%. That’s the percentage of website traffic mobile devices generate. Furthermore, 92.1% of users access the internet from a mobile phone.

Can you afford to lose this large number of users because they can’t open your app or navigate without hassle once inside? Thus, not opting for a responsive design will be a horrible UX design problem.

Check out the 3 common signs your website isn’t responsive:

  1. Your design elements are too small on the mobile screen. Illegible texts and buttons too small to click are all signs of a non-responsive website.
  2. Design elements never adjust when the size of the browser changes.
  3. The website takes longer than three seconds to load on the mobile; thereby increasing the bounce rate.

3. Dreadful Onboarding Process

76% of users uninstall apps three days after they download those apps. An onboarding process that’s too sketchy or too overwhelming is one of the key reasons. However, a detailed yet short onboarding process increases retention rates by up to 50%.

Thus, if you’re asking what UX designers shouldn’t do, not including a detailed onboarding process is the answer.

Make sure the onboarding process of your app:

4. Spammy Push Notifications

  1. 46. That’s the number of push notifications average smartphone users in the U.S. receive in a day. Furthermore, 31% of users never find any value in them.

Thus, if you’re asking what’s a good thing to avoid in mobile UX, spammy push notifications will come close to the top.

Push notifications increase web traffic, conversion rates, and revenue when you personalize them. However, steer clear from:

If you want a better idea of how to use push notifications, check out this example from Sunshine; a weather forecasting app that uses push notifications to send customized weather alerts.

5. Below Par App Architecture

A poor app structure:

Make sure the app architecture:

6. Less White Space

Here’s why white space is essential:

Google Wave is an example of the consequences of less white space. The app user interface was overwhelmed with features; resulting in a complicated design and users rejecting the same.

Apply these methods to add enough white space in your apps:

7. Inconsistent Design

Consistent branding increases revenue by up to 23%. Why? A consistent design makes sure the number of times the end user must ‘re-learn’ a feature is kept to a minimum. Furthermore, a consistent design increases recognition and familiarity.

Three of the apps that have aced the consistent design game are:

Here’s how you too can pull off the same:

8. Overuse of Popups

Popups are good, right? They can increase the conversion rate by up to 9.3%. True. However, overuse the feature and the strategy will backfire.

Make Sure the Popups:

Common UX Design Errors App Projects Should Avoid To Reap The Roi Benefits

UX investments offer a whopping 9,900% ROI. Thus, fixing the common UX problems should top the list of things to be done.

Now that you know the 8 Common UX design errors app projects should avoid, the information will help you take more informed decisions and make the most out of UX designs.

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