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The Unseen Benefits Of Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is the best online office tool to make your workflow smooth. The real estate industry is getting great help from these online tools and the application included in them. We are getting help from MS Office applications for documents creation, making presentations, and managing communication and data sending for a long time.

We are all familiar with the most popular applications of MS 365. The online tools other than the popular one include the most practical one for the real estate business document management by the name Microsoft SharePoint. It has revolutionized online data management by enabling you to create an intranet within your company.

You can create your own company’s private site for data sharing within the employees of the organization. The real estate business has a lot of important documents to work with. These documents need security and privacy and at the same time, they also need to be at an accessible place where concerned people can get to view, read and edit them depending on the permission given by the creator of the document and the company administration.

There is a lot to talk about this great tool. Here we intend to discuss some of the relatively unsee benefits that MS Office 365 has to offer.


MS Office 365 has a great feature that is not much talked about. It is used to collaborate with your team members. It is called “Teams” it gives you the opportunity to make collaboration amongst your project team. with just your WiFi connection you can collaborate documents and text each other. It is like chatting on the internet within a platform entirely limited to your team.

It keeps your privacy at the team level within the organization. Your team members who are working on the same project are included in your team on Teams to communicate with each other. They can share information about the ongoing work and transfer documents or put the documents where all the team members can access them.

Teams can be downloaded as a desktop application and mobile app. It can also be used on the web browser. One of the best features of MS 365, the Teams to collaborate is an unseen feature on this platform.

Real estate document management is a serious business dealing with important information handling online. You have to be secure and ensure the privacy of your documents. Sharing the document with certain people should be made extra secure and private. Consult us at Al Rafay Consulting on how to configure the privacy setting for collaboration with others.

O365 (Office365) Groups

Another smart feature relatively unexplored with MS Office 365 is the creation of the O365 group. This is a group of your fellow colleagues working in the same department. You have the liberty to create a group of your selected colleagues with whom you have to communicate a lot as a group. You can also create a group of different departments separately.

You can even add more features with the Planner App to make O365 groups more effective. It helps you to track your project progress and the tasks on the department level.

There is another feature of these groups that enables you to leverage their capability of business workflow. It helps you to integrate the processes and systems within the organization.

Configured Sharepoint

SharePoint is a web-based document management platform. It is also a collaborative platform used to share data and information within the company working as an intranet. It can be customized and configured for certain uses within the department of the organization.

You can configure it to manage the important documents and allow their access to certain people to whom you want them to see it and edit it. Al Rafay Consulting has been offering its service for a long time to a lot of satisfied customers to get the most out of this online application. We help you to configure libraries and documents with easy to find and managed system.


Another great feature of the Office 365 tools is that their tools can integrate each other. It can integrate with Outlook, used for emails management, and document libraries. The documents in emails and libraries are integrated within Office 365 ecosystem.

Integration within the tools of the Office 365 is a great feature for collaboration but it becomes even greater when you realize that it can even integrate with external applications as well. It can integrate with external applications such as SalesForce with SharePoint App and other external appl with different O365 apps.

Add More Features

Office 365 has the ability to create new sites that work as the company’s own intranet. The best thing is that if you want to add some other features that are not included in Office 365, can be added from an external source.

For example, you can add some features from PlannerApp that help you to track your project within the departments. You can track tasks in projects of different departments Yammer is another app that helps you to communicate and connect within your company at different locations. You can keep your notes and make a digital diary for important points and note them on OneNote. Office 365 allows you to take benefit from all these external features by remaining on MS 365 platform

These are some of the mostly unseen features of Office 365 that can be a great help in your workflow to enhance your business. There are many other things that can be configured within this great tool. We, Al Rafay Consulting are offering our services for online real estate solutions for quite some time now. Feel free and secure to contact us for all kinds of consultation for real estate solutions online.

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