New PWA Website Examples & How To Build A Similar One?

pwa website examples

In the wake of Google’s invention of PWA in 2015, the term “Progressive Web App” became a hot topic in the technology stage. Over the past few years, many illustrious businesses from a wide range of sectors make their names present on a long list of PWA website examples.

Here are the most impressive profiles that recently converted their sites to Progressive Web Applications.

Best PWA Website Examples In 2021


Spotify, like many other renowned brands, saw a timely chance to start creating a PWA version of their site due to a dispute with Apple over Apple’s 30% app store commission.

With the power of PWA, the new website edition is significantly faster than its native-app equivalent, with its own special and adaptive user interface. As a result, Spotify attracted more than 30% of monthly active users. Also, the number of desktop users has increased by 45%.


AliExpress is a Chinese global marketplace with a rapidly expanding smartphone user base. Although the company’s mobile app was fast, getting users to download it was difficult and costly.

That’s why they decided to create a cross-browser Progressive Web App which has mobile features and is more accessible to new users.

After that, they witnessed a 104% increase in the number of new customers and an 84% increase in iOS conversion rate.


Since updating their portal to a PWA, the world’s largest online B2B trading network saw a 76 percent spike in overall conversions across browsers. Moreover, Alibaba gained 14% more monthly active users on iOS and 30% on Android.

Besides, the add to home screen function generates a four-times higher interaction rate.


Seeing a surge in smartphone traffic in 2016, Lancôme came up with the idea of owning a PWA. Their conversions consequently rose by 17% and mobile sessions on iOS devices moved up by 53%.

When compared to their previous mobile experience, the time it took for the website to become interactive decreased by 84%. This led to a 15% decrease in bounce rates.

How To Build A Similar PWA?

Such a resounding success of these companies’ PWA poses a question, “How to build a similar one?”

To develop a PWA website, there are numerous available solutions. Depending on the website platform, there might be more or fewer solutions that are usable.

For example, Magento websites have more choices of PWA development solutions with Magento PWA themes or PWA extensions.

In fact, PWA theme application and custom PWA development are two of the most popular choices of merchants for their own e-commerce sites.

PWA Themes


Every PWA theme is equipped with the full core functions of a Progressive Web Application. Offline working mode, Background sync, and Add to the home screen are some of them. They are also capable of being customized with a large number of additional advanced features.

In comparison with other solutions, PWA templates have great advantages of aesthetic storefront designs. All of their designs can be tailored to be as one-of-a-kind as possible, making the company more identifiable and competent.


One of its drawbacks is the change in the design of the original website due to changes in its structure. A website is initially divided into two parts including frontend & backend, after converting to PWA its frontend will be replaced by a PWA storefront and connect to the backend via APIs.

Normally, the price of PWA themes is higher than that of traditional website templates due to the integrated functionalities of a Progressive Web App.

Besides, high-quality Progressive Web App templates might be pricey after customization. However, it depends on your requirements and is absolutely able to be minimized.

Custom-PWA Development


It is obvious that building a custom-PWA is to live up to all your expectations in all aspects that are inclusive of special features, design, and so on. No matter what your requirement is, you can invest in it to get what you want.


Needless to say, this solution charges an extortionate price for its complexity. This is to build everything from scratch in association with your demand.

One more worth-mentioning point is that custom-PWA development cannot be done in a day or two. Honestly, it is a real effort and very time-consuming.

Final Thoughts

Each PWA development solution has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to merchants to figure out which one is better for them depending on their top priorities.

From the listed typical PWA website examples above, we can see that PWA obviously is the current trend of e-commerce and might be its future taking the place of native apps and traditional websites.