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Make The Right Choice When Choosing A Mobility Scooter Carrier

A mobility scooter carrier is the best solution to transporting your scooter for long distances. This is especially useful to scooters that cannot be dismantled. Powered scooters are beneficial to people with mobility issues, either due to old age or physical challenges.

If you have to travel for a long-distance, a mobility scooter carrier comes in handy. But how would you determine the type of mobility scooter carrier to use?

Selecting A Carrier For Your Mobility Scooter

It is not advisable to ride a mobility scooter for very long distances because:

However, you can avoid these risks by using a mobility scooter lift to carry your mobility scooter at the back of your car. Here is what you need to keep in mind to ensure you select the best lift:

Car Type

Is the vehicle you intend to you a sedan, van, SUV or truck. Different carriers are designed for different vehicle types. You should also consider if your car has a rear hitch mount. If not, can it be installed?

You cannot use small-sized cars to carry mobility scooters due to lack of space. Large-sized vehicles like vans and SUVs can accommodate a mobility scooter lift. Before making a purchase, ensure that you consult with a professional to ensure that it is compatible with your vehicle.

If you decide to install a rear hitch mount to your car, use professional car assistance for the work.

Type Of Mobility Scooter

Before selecting a mobility scooter lift, consider the mobility scooter type you intend to transport. Is the scooter mid-sized, portable, or a large mobility scooter? The weight of the mobility scooter can also affect your decision. Ensure that you purchase a mobility scooter carrier that can support the weight of your scooter.


You must also consider the amount of money at your disposal. How much are you willing to invest in a mobility scooter lift? You may consider buying a foldable mobility wheelchair if the idea of purchasing a mobility scooter type seems expensive. The lift’s cost will depend on various factors like the type of mobility lift and the manufacturer.

Other costs involved include:

Before settling on a specific mobility scooter lift, plan your budget to ensure that your choice is efficient.

Mobility Scooter Lift Type

Mobility scooter lifts can either be manual, powered, or hybrid.

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