Key Features to Look For In Workforce Management Software Australia

Workforce management software is the best solution for the optimisation of employee scheduling, but it can be difficult to decide which solution is best for your particular company where there are literally hundreds of options that are available.

The good news is there are ways to identify the right software for you by looking for key features in your workforce management software Australia.


Usability is the first thing that needs to be taken into consideration in regards to workforce management software. Digital software is continuing to evolve, as are the expectations of consumers.

Employees regularly make use of seamless B2C applications in their lives, which means that the platforms provided by business need to be on par. This includes employee scheduling which is used by thousands of employees all over the world and has to be simple to use.

Make sure the workforce management software you choose has basic user-friendly features like automatic notifications, easy task management and an integrated workflow from mobile to desktop. Extra tools including copying templates, drag and drop and saved shifts also increase usability, making it seamless for all workers.


Trusting employee data to a new system is always a worry for businesses and never more so than when financial or confidential information is involved. It is therefore vital for workforce management software to be completely secure.

Find software that is serious about security and will safeguard information for large enterprises.

Mobile Apps

Mobile-friendly technology is essential to have in the modern world. It is even more important for workers who do not have a desk or easy access to emails, a shared platform or a company intranet. Manual systems create divisions between those who can and cannot get company communication, which can have an adverse affect on engagement and motivation and effect productivity.

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Mobile workforce management systems are therefore crucial. The software you choose will need to be inclusive for all staff members by offering an app that is able to function across Android and iOS smartphones in addition to tablets. This will mean that users are able to create, edit and see their rotas as they go, making full use of the company’s investment in this software.

Clunky manual systems only result in the creation of yet more work for managers, so mobile apps are vital for them too.

Time and Attendance

Time and attendance software must be a part of workforce management capabilities. This not only means that another complex piece of software does not have to be installed but also reduces one of the biggest issues for organisations that are shift-based – time theft.

Workforce management software offers advanced solutions to time tracking, allowing employees to clock in and out via their smartphone and managers to keep a real-time view of workers per location.

Audited timesheets can then account for time worked versus time scheduled automatically, thus allowing payroll staff to make sure staff are paid the correct amount.

Manual HR management takes time and is unable to offer the required insights. Make use of Humanforce’s workforce management software today.