How to Print SMS Android Smartphone with SMS EasyReader&Printer?

Have you ever wanted to print SMS Android phone just to be able to have proof of what your partner has been doing, or just to be able to know who is writing and what is being discussed among your children? The process is very simple. By reading the guide below, you will discover how you can print existing SMS on your Android phone, and you will also realize that all relevant information was eliminated. The following are options for printing SMS from iPhone 4/4S/5/3GS.

Using an iPhone or Android to Print SMS

In that they are more powerful and very portable, android tablets and phones are like computers. The same as laptops, they can also be used for delivering email, browsing, watching YouTube videos, and other tasks that can be accomplished with a laptop or desktop computer.

As cloud-based printing solutions and cloud-based printing apps are now available, SMS printing is not impossible on your Android phone or tablet. Learn how to print SMS from android smartphone in this Article.

The Following Steps Will Show you How to Print SMS Messages on Android:

  • Initially, you need to make sure that your SMS messages are exported from your Android device to your computer. This can be accomplished through SMS EasyExprorer, a free Android application for android ordering.
  • The SMS EasyReader&Printer for Android app is available for download and can be installed directly onto your Android mobile phone. This SMS EasyExprorer for Android application is simple, free, and works with Android. It does not contain advertisements and does not need a website to load.
  • The free SMS EasyExprter app for Android is available for download after it has been installed on your mobile device. To transmit SMS or MMS from your Android device, click the Transfer SMS from Android icon and select the exchange SMS, exchange MMS, or exchange *all (SMS + MMS) option. Issued by vmsg, mms_android directed to transfer. It could be a SMMS_MMS_Android.vmsg or a SMSSSS.vmsg file. In the next step, you will be asked to choose a *ndroid directive where you want the file to be saved.
  • As long as the SMS EasyReader and Printer is installed on your smartphone, the file will automatically bе saved in …/ store / emulated / 0 / directory, but this depends on the smartphone and the operating system version.
  • Once the mobile device with an android ordering system is connected to a computer or monitor, you are ready to use it. A USB cable that connects your smartphone to your PC will be necessary in order to accomplish this. Once you have your smartphone connected, locate and download sms_android.vmsg, mms_android.vmsg, or sms_mms_android.vmsg to your computer. When you are using a mobile device or an SD card, the file should be found in ./ store/ emulates/ 0/ in the location the device or SD card is located.
  • Install the SMS EasyReader and Reader software on your computer or tablet.
  • We request that you note that our website and web solutions are best viewed on larger screens, such as monitors, PCs, and tablets.
  • Upon reaching the left hand side, scroll down and select UPLOAD YOUR SMS FILE. Then you will need to upload the SMS_Android.vmsg, MMS_Android.vmsg, or SMS_MMS_Android.vmsg files from your computer or smart phone to the website. ../ store / emulates / 0 / on the mobile device or on the SD card.
  • SMS text message recipients will now be able to send messages online via EasyReader*Rinter’s SMS solution.
  • As soon as you have loaded a sms_android.vmsg, mms_android.vmsg, or sms_mms_android.vmsg file, you will see your chat history. An mаssage can be rеаd based on date, sender, and text; it can be selected, deleted, and printed; all options are displayed on top.
  • After you have finished, click on END/DELETE SMS. Please click END/DELETE SMS to remove your text messages from our database.
  • With a credit card or PayPal, you are able to upgrade to the full version for unlimited access to the program’s amazing features.

Local Printers can be Connected to Cloud Print Through Google

A variety of printers is capable to print SMS from Android and tablets through a USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. Alternatively, you may subscribe for a Google Cloud Print account for your local printer if your printer does not come with such functionality.

This service will allow you to access your local printer from anywhere via the internet, and you will be able to easily find it anywhere. Furthermore, you can make the printers available to your friends or use your smartphone to print important documents and SMS. The Google Cloud Print service is compatible with nearly all printer models since these kinds of printers are often directly connected to the Internet without requiring a computer.

The Best Way to Print Gmail and SMS Messages

The Google Mail android app does not offer an option to print SMS. When you open your Gmail account with a Web browser app, however, you can print out the SMS and emails. Send your message to your Gmail account, keep the message open in your browser, click on the arrow to show the print option, and then click the print button. To print SMS from your email, go to Google Cloud Print.

Third-Party Applications For Printing SMS

The Google Play Store offers several third party apps for printing from mobile devices, including Easy SMS Reader for PC and Backup, a free app that synchronizes SMS and MMS with Gmail, allowing printing from there. Another app that can back up SMS messages from your phone to your computer is Android SMS Transfer.

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One alternative is PrinterShare, which lets you print anything and everything directly from your device, including text messages. This article provides more information about printing SMS Android and text messages from your iPhone.

As well as taking a screenshot of your text, you can also do that. It’s important for users of the Xperia Z to press both power and volume down buttons consecutively for several seconds. A saved image can be moved to a computer using a normal way once it’s been saved.

SMS Messages from Android, IOS, and Windows Phone

To print SMS from an Android device, the store uses different web solutions. SIMS EasyReader and Reader support Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones. Yоu can print relevant SMS text messages that you have received using оur free SMS message log. No matter what type of smartphone or computer you use, you can print out SMS messages from Android quickly and efficiently. SMS EasyReader's printing option does not save your personal data. This means the messages you select and print are visible to you alone.

To Import SMS From an Android to your Desktop

You need to ensure that text messages on your smartphone do not get lost or take up too much space. SMS EasyReader and *rinter let you easily and efficiently send important SMS message logs from your handset to your PC instead of losing them. This tool works exclusively for you and does not save any personal information. It is easy to send SMS and MMS data from your smart phone to your PC for free, with no need to worry about protecting your privacy.

To Send an SMS From your Smartphone, Text the Following

SMS EasyExoster for Android is undoubtedly a reliable and free technology for you to export your SMSs from your smartphone to your computer. Assemble a folder along with all of your text messages on the monitor and paste in all the SMSs from your smartphone. In the future, these conversations could help you in all kinds of ways, including health-related activities, reminders, memories, and so forth.