How to Mount a Projector on a Wall

After choosing a projector for home theater, business meetings, gaming, or other needs, you’ll need to find the best placement for it in your home. You want to ensure that the projector is in a comfortable position and that the projected image is clear. There are many advantages to using a projector with a mount. In our guide below, we dive into these benefits and related details about Outdoor projector enclosures. So without further ado let’s get started.

Advantages Of Mounting The Projector On The Wall

By mounting the projector, you not only save the available space in your room but also get the perfect viewing position. There are also a number of other benefits including;

  • Improved Decoration:

Projector stands are much more fashionable than a simple, plain table. The quality of the decoration of your room will thus increase significantly.

  • Easily Available Mounts:

Projector mounts are easy to get. So you can get the one you want online or in a store near you.

  • Perfect Viewing Position:

The mounted projector offers a perfect viewing position so you can stream content without distracting shadows.

  • Ideal Image Positioning:

The projector mounts position the image at a level that is pleasing to the eyes, unlike a tabletop projector whose image level depends on the height of the table.

  • Closer Proximity Between Projector and Screen:

A projector mount, like a ceiling mount, can be placed much closer to the screen than a table. In addition to preventing possible objects that could obstruct vision, Best outdoor projector enclosure also helps you enjoy the optimal brightness of your device.

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Step-by-step Projector Assembly Procedure

Regardless of the type of mount you choose, follow the steps below to place the projector in the desired location. Choose the right mount for your projector, ceiling mount, projector wall mount, projector riser or shelf. Attach the bracket to the projector according to the instructions on the mounting kit and on the projector. After attaching, make sure the mounting plate is level with the projector. Use a tape measure to determine the distance between the center of the socket and the front of the projector lens. Add this distance to the throw distance this will give you the new throw distance value. Secure the projector in place according to the projection distance obtained in the previous step. Finally, follow the instructions in the projector manual to connect the required cables to the projector. World leading manufacturer of outdoor projector enclosures allows you to enjoy the screen in HD quality and with zero hindrance.