Find Out Why WPS Office Writer is the Best ALL-IN-ONE Office Suite

If the writers are the Picasso of wordplay, then MS Word is the canvas that has allowed them to create their art. It has also helped them add voices to their creations using phrases or sentences, words, and words that depict images of joy and sadness, anger thoughts, and more. A creative person should not confine their creativity to the limits of MS Word’s choices. There is some information on to put things into perspective.

What happens if you awake to discover that MS Word banished for a lifetime? What happens if the program is unable to function properly within the middle of a task? The show must continue. There’s no stopping it. The brand new WPS Office Writer is home to some incredible features. It is a great alternative to the popular application. Spend some time going through this informative blog. And do remember to leave your thoughts with me.

Robust Editing Tool That Resolves A Chunk Of Issues

“Writer” is a rich editing program that one can get to use after installing the latest version of WPS. Here are

the most important essential functional aspects in the tool for editing that you must be aware of.

  • It is able to create and edit text, images, tables, and custom charts.
  • The program is full to work and fully compatible with Microsoft Word.
  • This program will allow users to edit, open, and store MS Word documents without hassle.
  • It offers the tabbed view which is useful in opening and accessing multiple documents simultaneously.
  • It is possible to manage multiple documents on the same screen or window.

In addition, however, the WPS application is loaded with a variety of other useful features, too.

Allows Layout Paragraph Spacing With Advanced Support

Drag and drop functionality that is available inside The Word Processor provides significant assistance. This is everything you need to know.

  • It will let you alter the indentation.
  • You can change spacing of lines and paragraphs very easily.
  • Users will be able modify layouts of documents easily using only the mouse.

Advanced Features For Recovering Files And Components

This is another WPS feature that deserves the attention of a special note. As an author, you could become overwhelmed with a variety of tasks. What happens if you don’t plan on saving a specific document or if the file gets damaged midway through. It is only a seamless and powerful features for recovering files can help you save your day. This is the reason why the new WPS is introducing an advanced feature to recover files which can assist with the following:

  • WPS Data Recovery Master WPS Data Recovery Master allows users to retrieve all encrypted files and documents.
  • This feature allows you to bring back the file, regardless of the fact that the file was accidentally deleted or deleted because of hardware issues or any other technical glitches.
  • The feature of in-depth scan that is included in the data recovery add-on could assist in recovering data in a deep way.
  • Converting documents to PDF files is among the most difficult tasks. With the help of the WPS writer It has made the whole process much easier for users.

Here’s what’s to offer you:

  • It provides better security for documents while accessing.
  • The top-quality PDF converter easily converts PDF files into DOC and DOCX formats.
  • The PDF converter is user-friendly and makes sure it is guaranteed that fonts, designs and layouts remain unchanged following the conversion.

WPS Office - Free Office Download for PC & Mobile, Alternative to MS Office

Mobile Phones Are Easy To Access And Enhances Presentations

In an age in which the number of people using mobile phones is projected to exceed 5 billion, this is a characteristic that the developers should not afford to ignore. Users can access the app via mobile phones.

Here’s how:

  • Android users can access Google Play Store “Google Play Store” and download the app directly.
  • Apple users can go to “App Store” “App Store” and install the application within a matter of minutes.
  • The ability to access WPS through mobile phones lets users edit and create documents while on the move.

You can also access documents that are stored in the cloud on a mobile device.

Fully Supported for VBA and MACRO

The WPS Office comes with full support for VBA as well as MACRO formats. This means that users will be able to enjoy all of the advantages. It lets you develop macros, automate a repetitive sequence of tasks, and develop innovative algorithms to analyze the data in a specific set. The feature allows advanced data segmentation while processing becomes simpler and more organized. The feature to promote the use of advanced keyboard shortcuts in among of the major features to be noted. Here are some of the aforementioned shortcuts that could be used by users o.

  • CTRL+ Enters the current time.
  • CTRL+ARROW KEYS Chooses all worksheets.
  • ALT+ F11, Shows the Microsoft Visual Basic Editor.
  • CTRL+ PAGE DOWN Changes between worksheet tabs, from left to right.
  • CTRL + HOME will bring you back to the start on the workbook.