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Cloud Server and its Benefits

There are enough technology-related terms which you hear for the first and last time. One of the latest technological term which is being used almost everywhere whether in business or for personal purposes is “cloud”. This word is no longer related to those visible masses of condensed water vapor resulting in rain. Cyberspace has defined the cloud to be a milestone in IT industry. This article will help you understanding the cloud and its benefits which can significantly streamline your life.

The Cloud Defined

The cloud is an expanded feature of internet which helps the various purposes of users one of which is data storage. According to a prediction given in 2012 by Gartner, the cloud would hold one-third of our digital content by the end of 2013. According to IDC, the amount of information in the world doubles probably after every 18 months. The statistics indicates the immense importance of cloud which holds the massive information and will only expand in future.

Whether it is about photographs stored on Flickr or Instagram, music streaming or movies watched on Amazon or Netflix. These are all examples of information which are stored on the cloud. These are accessible within seconds from any device connected with an active internet connection. The cloud is comprised of email, webmail and many other internet services which are of daily usage to an internet user. Cloud computing applications are hosted or run on Internet servers and uses internet as a medium of exchange. There are two types with respect to accessibility that is some clouds are public and anyone can view the files within while some are private exclusively for companies.

Benefits of Using Cloud Services

The benefits of cloud services are not limited only to the entrepreneurs running large sized business organization instead cloud computing offer many advantages to everyone including the average consumer. The cloud storage is easily accessible by any device connected to the active internet connection such as mobile phones, laptops and touch pads. For example you can an email on a desktop, laptop, mobile phone or a tablet computer. Any connected device can have an access to the data stored for example spreadsheets, presentation and other urgently needed files or folders. You don’t have to keep the external storage devices such as CD, USB or memory card while travelling

The information is backed up on a server when stored in the cloud. Therefore, if one machine crashes you can still have an access to your data by another device connected to internet. The effectiveness of shared resources is maximized because of cloud computing. The resources are relocated along with being shared among multiple users. This feature has greatly helped in allocating the resources to the users working in different time zones. When an organization switches to a cloud it means it is switching towards betterment. The cloud has become an important part of our life. is helping the users by provision of cloud services. It is the name you can trust for cloud storage services.

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