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12 Reasons Why You Need Advanced Call Tracking Software for Your Call Center

As in for a basic idea, a call tracking software tracks and records information from incoming phone calls, including call source and audio recordings. It empowers organizations and advertisers to ascribe calls to the promoting channels that drove them.

There are 2 basic types of call centres:

With the rise in technologies, there are various types of call centres emerging such as cloud call centres. Calls come in, and sales might result, but nobody knows where they came from or why they worked. Without having the analytical capabilities, one wouldn’t run an ad campaign. In place to understand which ad is driving the result for your business, you’d need the skills.

This is something that call tracking software has the potential to alter. Once implemented, sales teams can use these programs for everything from mapping customer website journeys before on-phone closes, to identifying opportunities for improvement across sales teams: which means, you have your reason to choose an advanced call tracking software for your call centre today!

Here are some call centre solutions for your hassle-free experience:

You Know Who is it

Your call tracking software program should have the ability to capture relevant data, of various callers including the caller’s location, device, time of the call, and other necessary details.

Digital Advertising Campaigns

By fusing diverse telephone numbers into every one of your promotions, you can comprehend which advertisements reverberate with your intended interest group and play out the best. If you want to further optimize your keywords, call tracking analysis or keyword call tracking can help you to understand which of your set keywords are working best.

Network Traffic:

Call tracking will enable you to discover which of your site’s landing pages are producing calls to your business.

Marketing Analytics

Call tracking software gives you a clear picture of your clients’ calling habits as well as the outcomes of your marketing campaigns. This indeed involves assigning a unique phone number to each of your marketing campaigns. Inbound calls from the number are then tracked using specialised software that can be designed for specific requirements. It gives us a top to bottom investigation on the web and offline advertising efforts.

Tracking Inbound Calls

The following is a list of reasons why tracking inbound calls is critical for any business:

Decide Accurately

Apart from all that has been stated above, managers can extract data from the software which could be used to make accurate decisions on activities which influence the performance of the business either directly or indirectly. Businesses and marketing agencies can greatly benefit from using advanced call tracker systems. The software has a number of features that provide useful information about your marketing efforts.


Sure, you might be a small team now. But what happens if your company grows? Can your tracking be easy without an advanced call tracking system? Not possible, I believe. The more the advancement, the better the advantage.


Every company and every team is unique. Your call tracking software should be adaptable and responsive enough to satisfy specific requirements.

Recording Each and Every call is Important

Call quality can only be increased by recording every call that your company receives. you don’t record your employees’ responses to customer calls, how will you know how well they handle them? This is also important when it comes to the previously mentioned call and lead quality problem, as it allows you to check that you are generating qualified leads for your company. Video technology has paved its way to call centres that customers prefer video calling these days.

Call Transcription

Call transcription is for you if you don’t have time to listen to your call recordings. This feature intelligently transcribes your call recordings so you can see what you’re talking about at a glance. The CallRail Transcription Tool lets you view the transcription with speaker-organized text, similar to how instant messages are viewed. These data can be used to improve landing pages, lead scoring, and more.

Call Highlights

Consider Call Highlights to be the AI cousin of Automation Rules. This tool automatically tags common keywords in each call, allowing you to uncover unexpected insights. This allows you to fine-tune your campaigns, which is particularly useful if you use Google Ads.

Easy to Use

What good is a call tracking software programme if it’s too difficult to use? The best options will be simple to set up and use across your sales and marketing departments.

At the end of the day, call tracking software can be a distinct advantage for organizations who need to get to the foundation of who their clients are and what showcasing channels drive them to call. Acquiring inside and out knowledge gives organizations that utilization call following a gigantic edge over their opposition, and can eventually help them.

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